Pressure washing can be a huge time saver, and it can keep your home or commercial building looking its best. Unless, of course, you fall prey to one of the many types of damage a high-pressure jet of water can cause.

Here are some common power washing mistakes to avoid:

Pressure washing electrical outlets. Electricity and water don’t play well together. Accidental pressure washing can fry any electrical outlets located on the exterior of your building, which means it’s important to know where all of your outdoor outlets are before you turn on the power washer. You’d be surprised how often people don’t check their surroundings – and this goes for professionals as well as amateurs. Choose a pressure wash service that inspects your outlets before washing.

Using high pressure on a wood deck. Wood and water aren’t the best of friends, either. A lot of people use pressure washers for cleaning or stripping stain from their wood decks. Unfortunately, using too much pressure on a deck can destroy the boards and leave your deck looking ragged. Always use a low pressure setting on wood decking.

Using high pressure on vinyl siding. Pressure washing can also severely damage your vinyl siding, etching the side of your home with broad, graffiti-like marks. Additionally, a professional pressure wash service that uses hot water can cause vinyl siding to warp if the temperature is too high.

Pressure washing a roof. Roofing is another part of your home that should be cleaned with low pressure only. When done incorrectly, power washing can severely damage certain types of roofing, stripping the surface of the tiles or even causing shingles to lift.

Absentminded pressure washing. One careless swipe and mistake with the power washer can permanently mar your front door, tear up your screens, bust a window or cause other damage to your property. Always exercise caution when using a power washer, and choose a pressure washing company that does that same.

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