Commercial fleet washing is more important than you or the company you work for may realize. Road grime can build up quickly on company vehicles, and its impact on your business can be more than merely cosmetic. If your company hasn’t already hired a power washing contractor to keep your fleet clean, here are five reasons why you should:

1. Fleet washing improves the safety of your drivers. A clean truck reflects more light, making the vehicle more visible to other drivers, while a clear windshield gives your driver a better field of vision. There’s also the matter of perceived safety; motorists, law enforcement officers and regulatory agencies alike view dirty vehicles as threatening and clean vehicles as more responsible.

2. Fleet washing helps your company’s image. Reputation is everything, and your company vehicles are essentially moving advertisements for your business. Hiring a power washing company can mean the difference between projecting a pristine image and obscuring your company’s reputation with dirt.

3. Clean vehicles are easier to maintain. If your air, hydraulic and electrical components are hiding under a layer of dirt, problems may slip by unnoticed during inspections. Additionally, regular fleet washing removes corrosives and pollutants from your vehicles, extending the life of the body as well as the paint job. A quality power washing contractor will keep both the underbelly and the exterior of your vehicles clean, potentially reducing future maintenance costs.

4. Employees work harder. Employees tend to take more pride in their work when they’re driving a clean vehicle, and they’re more likely to view the company in a positive light when they see you are committed to maintaining a clean image.

5. Cleaner vehicles weigh less. All those layers of grime can add up to a surprising amount of weight. This can affect everything from gas mileage to weigh station visits. Hiring a power washing contractor will keep your fleet streamlined as well as clean.

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