Is it OK to Pressure wash a wood deck or fence?

Pressure Washing a wood deck or fence

When you are looking to pressure wash a deck or a fence there is a few things to consider.

  1. How much pressure to use when washing your deck. Even small pressure washers can have enough PSI to gouge or damage your deck. See: A BASIC GUIDE TO PSI LEVELS
  2.  The tip you intend on using. Using a red tip is a definite absolutely no-no. If you are going to use at tip on the wood, Use a 15 degree tip (yellow) and keep approximately 6 inches away from the wood at all times. Check out our quick guide to Pressure washing Nozzles

We would not recommend you pressure wash your deck. You run the risk of damaging your deck if you are not careful with how close you get to the wood and the potential of leaving “Zebra” stripes in the wood. This is caused by stop and start points where you left off and started washing the board again. You may not be able to see it when the wood is wet, it will show later when it dries. I would suggest “soft washing” the deck. Soft washing is using chemicals to remove organic growth and bring back the natural wood color.

Do I have to Seal my deck after Pressure Washing?

I would suggest you seal your deck approximately 24 hours after it has had time to dry. Some stains can be applied even with moisture in the wood, but these are very rare to find.

If you are looking for a restoration service give us a call and book time to get your deck and fence done!


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