Does Pressure Washing increase my water bill?

Does Pressure Washing increase my water bill?


Will pressure washing increase my water bill? in short yes. in Edmonton Alberta the average household pays approximately $38.16 per month for water services. The water consumption is typically based on m(Meters Cubed). Looking at the rates for a large 8 gallon per minute pressure washer, there is a few calculations to finish the equation. First we have to convert gallons per minute to Meters Cubed.

Based on the 8 gallon per minute pump it will use approximately 0.0302 m3 per minute. In Edmonton the rate for consumption is as follows:

0 m3 – 10.0 m3 $2.1290
10.1 m3 – 35.0 m3 $2.3260
Over 35.0 m3 $2.9397

Based on those numbers. You would have to use up to 10 m3 , Which will cost you approximately $2.13. That is 2,641 Gallons. If your pressure washer runs at 8 gallons per minute you will have to divide 2,641 by 8. That will give you 330 Minutes(5.5 hours) for $2.13. You could run your Pressure washer for 19 Hours and it will cost $2.94. That extra will indeed be included on your next few bills. For this reason we prefer to use our customers water if it is available and clean (not from a well) as hauling water does get very expensive. The price for hauling water varies from each county and can affect your invoice. Check your local water prices and compare to see the difference.

Want to convert Gallons to Meter Cubed? scan this QR code with your phone and complete the calculation



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