Do pressure washing companies use your water?

Do pressure washing companies use your water?

If you are in a metropolitan area it should be expected that a pressure washing company would use your water. This will reduce the cost of water for cleaning as almost every company that would supply water would have to move the water and pay for the water. This would result in an extra charge over and above the cost of the water. It would be much cheaper to let the pressure washing company use your water.

If you are in a rural area and you would like them to use your water, you can possibly expect some resistance if you are using a well to produce water on your property. Some wells have sediment that runs thought the lines. Pressure washing pumps do not like sediment, sand or any other kind of debris running through them. It could damage or destroy the pump. It should be expected that if you are in a rural area and the pressure washing company does not use well water that you would have to pay for water to be trucked in.

At Buffalo Pressure Washing we offer both options. Even the rural area, if we can take a sample from your hose and there is no sediment we will still use the water if you allow us to. We have the ability to travel to remote locations like oilfield leases where water is not available to clean your assets.

What is the best time of year to power wash house?

What is the best time of year to power wash your house? 

We would recommend that you fit power washing your house in the spring/early summer. Cleaning off any mold and debris that has collect on your house. Getting off any residual oxidization is the tricky part on vinyl siding. A small word to those looking for oxidization removal, that is usually an extra charge. When you are looking to see if your siding needs to have the oxidization removed, there is a simple test. Rub your finger on the siding. If your finger has the color residue from the siding, it has oxidization on it. Contact a professional pressure washing/soft washing company to clean your building.

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