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Pressure Washing


Monday: 7am – 7pm
Tuesday: 7am – 7pm
Wednesday: 7am – 7pm
Thursday: 7am – 7pm
Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 7am – 7pm
Sunday: 7am – 7pm


Po Box 403, Thorhild, Alberta, T0A 3J0

Property Managers will receive a 10% discount for booking online

Our hourly rate is $100 per hour with a $150 minimum.

Our flat work rate is 0.25 per sq. foot with a $150 minimum (600 sq feet).

We have a few packages that have a reduced rate for a weekly and monthly rates with a 2 month commitment including Fleet washing & Garbage bin/ Grease bin services.

We also have reduced monthly and semi annual pricing for Solar including residential and commercial rates.

Even though we are based out of Thorhild. Our travel rates start at 53°32’45.7″N 113°29’38.0″W in Edmonton and work our way out for customers in the Greater Edmonton Area. For those that are closer to the Thorhild Area, Our starting point is the Thorhild Corner Store 54°09’31.2″N 113°07’26.6″W. For those in Fort McMurray, our starting point is 56°43’26.5″N 111°22’55.1″W. The travel rate is included in the $150 minimum. We will choose the closest Hub to your location. We use google maps to calculate the distances.


  • We promote diversified services that ensure our clients needs are met through a “single call” concept that will also offer our employee’s multiple opportunities to develop, grow, and lead.
  • We promote a safe and incident free work environment through our training, behavior focused safety culture, and proactive approach in everything we do.
  • We promote a positive and effective work environment to ensure our employee’s feel valued, secure in their work, and free of harassment of any kind.
  • We promote a strong and successful workplace culture through respect, empowerment, trust, and a genuine interest in the goals of our employee’s.


  • We will be the best at a fully integrated and pressure washing & soft washing company providing operational expertise to organizations both big and small.


  • We are committed to our employees as our employees success leads our to our clients success.
  • We are committed to operating with professionalism and reliability between our employee’s, clients, and the public.
  • We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and transparency between our employee’s, customers, and the public.
  • We are committed to always be growing and developing new business techniques and to always be striving for excellence in all things we do.



We service the following areas:

Fort Saskatchewan 


St. Albert

Sherwood Park








Smoky Lake

Spruce Grove

Stony Plain

Fort McMurray