Out of mind, out of sight. Until there is a crisis, the gutters in your house are almost invisible. Then you unexpectedly find during a powerful rainstorm that the gutter is blocked by leaves, as water pours over the side of the gutter and down the side of your home, entering rooms through window frames, or seeping down to flood your basement.

Buffalo Pressure Washing provides professional service with knowledgeable employees to ensure the services are done right!


Leaking Gutter


Gutter cleaning and maintenance involves the following types of services:

  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Rooftop debris removal
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Gutter seam repair
  • Gutter hanger replacement
  • Gutter replacement


Our services for residential

  1. Soft Washing the House & Roof. We have the tools to make any surface look new.
  2. Gutter Cleaning. We will clean your gutters and get them flowing again
  3. Cleaning driveways & Sidewalks. Zebra stripes from improper cleaning? Dirt, Mud & Algae covered? We clear all those!
  4. Cleaning Decks & Patios. Mold patches and discolored? We can wash that away
  5. Cleaning Fences. Mold patches and discolored? We can wash that away
  6. Staining and sealing wood. Bring your fences and decks back with staining. It is recommended that you stain after when the moisture is below 12.5%. If you recently got your fence washed or your deck, Hold off a day or two before staining
  7. Parking garages
  8. Anything else we can clean and have the resources to do! We will work with you to find a solution

Revitalize your properties surfaces by removing debris. We know everyone can use a pressure washer, but not everyone knows to properly clean! Many surfaces can be damaged if washed incorrectly.