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Mobile Pressure Washing All Services for commercial & residential assets

First impressions are easy with a clean and bright property. Our Edmonton pressure washing services can help. We service the Edmonton area including Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Redwater area.


Truck & Trailer Mounted Units

Truck & Trailer Mounted Units are versatile because unlike Hydrovac’s and other big units which may be more than what is needed at a job-site, we are able to reach every job-site which may be more convenient when vehicle weight and dimension might be an issue.
We service all industries and customers that know that the image of your facility is a direct reflection of your values and company. Make the best impression possible with professional cleaning techniques that will give your property a makeover.
We wash with the hot water & Steam with temperatures reaching up to 220°F (104°C) and pressures reaching up to 3000 PSI. Our technicians are trained to assess what temperature to operate and what cleaning solutions to use at to ensure they do not damage your assets but leave them looking as good as possible!

If you are not 100% Satisfied, we will come back and make it right!

Residential Soft Washing

blankBuffalo Pressure Washing provides professional service with knowledgeable employees to ensure the services are done right!
Our services for residential:

  1. Soft Washing the House & Roof. We have the tools to make any surface look new.
  2. Gutter Cleaning. We will clean your gutters and get them flowing again
  3. Cleaning driveways & Sidewalks. Zebra stripes from improper cleaning? Dirt, Mud & Algae covered? We clear all those!
  4. Cleaning Decks & Patios. Mold patches and discolored? We can wash that away
  5. Cleaning Fences. Mold patches and discolored? We can wash that away
  6. Staining and sealing wood. Bring your fences and decks back with staining. It is recommended that you stain after when the moisture is below 12.5%. If you recently got your fence washed or your deck, Hold off a day or two before staining
  7. Parking garages
  8. Anything else we can clean and have the resources to do! We will work with you to find a solution

Revitalize your properties surfaces by removing debris. We know everyone can use a pressure washer, but not everyone knows to properly clean! Many surfaces can be damaged if washed incorrectly.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Buffalo Pressure Washing provides professional commercial pressure washing services with knowledgeable employees to ensure the services are done right! Commercial properties are exposed to many varied materials such as bird droppings, mold, mildew, and algae. It is too much to expect property managers and building owners to clean up this mess themselves. This is where we come in and help bring the focus of owners & mangers back to the tenants, customers, and employees.

Our services for Commercial:

  1. Cleaning the outside of your business
  2. Gutter Cleaning
  3. Cleaning Sidewalks
  4. Cleaning Outside Patios
  5. Pressure Washing Garbage Bins & Garbage Bin Areas
  6. Cleaning around grease traps
  7. Graffiti Removal
  8. Cleaning Bus Stations around the city
  9. Anything else we can clean and have the resources to do! We will work with you to find a solution

Revitalize your properties surfaces by removing debris. We offer professional pressure washing services. Power wash the grime away and bring in the pride.

Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing Services

Heavy Equipment

We have mobile units because we know that low-bedding your equipment is expensive so we come to you! Reduce your maintenance expenses with our services and look good while doing it too! We can reach jobs that large service trucks may not be able to. Melting bitumen from your equipment is a lot easier when heat is applied. We wash all equipment with heat up to 220°F (104°C). Coupled with our products to break down mud, bitumen, oil and grease we will have your equipment shiny!
We aim to:

  1. Maintain the value of your assets
  2. increase the image of your company
  3. Reduce the maintenance costs of your heavy equipment

Types of equipment we clean:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Packers
  • Rock Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Dozers
  • Skid Steers
  • Graders
  • Cranes
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Farm Equipment

Reduce costly maintenance costs by booking regular appointments with us!

Commercial Transport Truck & Trailer Pressure Washing Services

Commercial Truck Washing

You are busy! We know that you have a list that needs to get done and we want to take one of those off your plate! Your truck is your brand and we want to help keep it clean. It can be seen by hundreds of people daily.
We aim to:

  1. Maintain the value of your assets
  2. increase the image of your company
  3. Reduce the maintenance costs of your truck and trailer. Even mud can add to the weight!

Before you go in for your Commercial vehicle inspection (CVIP), contact us to use our undercarriage washer to clear the road grime. The inspectors will appreciate a clean view!

Fleet Washing Services

Fleet Washing

Have a fleet of vehicles, Talk to us about pressure washing your fleet on a regular basis. We will take care of your vehicles as if they were our own.
We offer the following services:

  1. Monthly Cleaning- Professional Cleaning of your units
  2. Bi-Weekly- Affordable rates-Professional Cleaning of your units
  3. Pre-Sale Auto Detailing
  4. Bio-hazard Cleaning Services

Fresh Water Cistern Cleaning

What does dirty Cistern Water look like? The below picture is when someone had a new cistern installed and did not opt to have it cleaned before it was filled. You can see the results

Dirty Cistern Water
Dirty Cistern Water
Fresh Water Cistern Cleaning

We know the importance of clean drinking water. We have a cistern too! Not sure when to clean your cistern?
You should clean your cistern:

  1. When your cistern is first installed and sediment needs to be removed. This could contribute to a concrete taste in your drinking water
  2. If Contaminates like rodents or surface water get into the cistern. This will also include an inspection to see if there is cracks or leaks
  3. At least Once a year to remove sludge and sediment build up

Call us for your cistern cleaning!

Culvert Thawing

Your culverts are full of ice or debris… We can help remove the obstructions and get your culverts flowing again before any more damage is created. We use Steam/Hot water and high pressure water to blast through the ice and bore a path through anything blocking the culvert.

Post Construction Clean up

Builders and homeowners both do landscaping. Its a dirty job. It also leaves a mess on the street, sidewalks and driveways. We can help you clean these for a better image before selling or just to keep up the appearance of your block. The final clean at the end of a construction project is one of the most important steps. We provide a high quality clean up for debris, spills, and more that is perfect for new builds and renovations. All sites, from commercial high-rise exteriors and industrial warehouse to newly-built underground parkades and retail frontage, present different challenges. Give us a call and see what we can do!

Realtors and Home owners selling properties

When you want to sell a home, you want to have a clean home to show before selling. Why would you just clean the inside of the home when the curb appeal is the first thing you see? We can help with cleaning the outside of your building before selling to help maintain the curb value.

Club-root Control and Sanitation

Let us help follow the recommended sanitation methods. This 3 step method can greatly reduce the chances of spreading club-root to your other fields. We will help in your attempt to stay in compliance with the Alberta’s Agricultural Pests Act (APA). Together we can help prevent the spread.

Truck Scale Pressure Washing

Your scales accuracy is important. Do not let the mud and grime build up hinder your operation. We can clear debris on your truck scales

Special Projects

Our experienced technicians will clean about anything! Contact us and we will collaborate with you to find a solution to get it clean again!

Municipal Signs, Billboards & Guard Rail Cleaning

Road signs get dirty. Drivers cannot see what information is ahead when they are covered in mud, snow and dirt.

Head over to our contact us page to book your free quote today!

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