Buffalo Pressure Washing

Mobile Pressure Washing for commercial & residential assets in Northern Alberta

We service all industries and customers that know that the image of your facility is a direct reflection of your values and company. Make the best impression possible with professional soft washing techniques that will give your property a makeover.

Residential Soft Washing

Fence Cleaning

Buffalo Pressure Washing provides professional service with knowledgeable employees to ensure the services are done right!increase your curb appeal by washing your house. protect and preserve your investment by maintaining your house with routine washing. You wash the inside of your house why would you not do the outside. You would be surprised at how much dirt runs off your house even though it looks “clean” from the outside. The grime on your home can fungus and gunk that is sticking to the outside of your house. Dirt can be generally an aesthetic concern but organic and fungal contaminates can serve compilations for your houses exterior as it spreads.

Our services for residential:

  1. Soft Washing the House & Roof
  2. Gutter Cleaning
  3. Cleaning driveways & Sidewalks
  4. Cleaning Decks & Patios
  5. Cleaning Fences
  6. Parking Garages
  7. Staining and sealing wood
  8. Anything else we can clean and have the resources to do! We will work with you to find a solution

Revitalize your properties surfaces by removing debris.

Fresh Water Cistern Cleaning

Fresh Water Cistern Cleaning

We know the importance of clean drinking water. We have a cistern too! Not sure when to clean your cistern?

You should clean your cistern:

  1. When your cistern is first installed and sediment needs to be removed. This could contribute to a concrete taste in your drinking water
  2. If Contaminates like rodents or surface water get into the cistern. This will also include an inspection to see if there is cracks or leaks
  3. At least Once a year to remove sludge and sediment build up

Call us for your cistern cleaning!

Culvert Thawing

Your culverts are full of ice or debris… We can help remove the obstructions and get your culverts flowing again before any more damage is created. We use Steam/Hot water and high pressure water to blast through the ice and bore a path through anything blocking the culvert.


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We service the following areas:

Fort Saskatchewan 


St. Albert

Sherwood Park








Smoky Lake

Spruce Grove

Stony Plain

Fort McMurray

Truck & Trailer Mounted Units

are versatile because unlike Hydrovac’s and other big units which may be more than what is needed at a job-site, we are able to reach every job-site which may be more convenient when vehicle weight and dimension might be an issue.