Solar Panel Cleaning Services



When you have solar panels, you are likely using them to create power or supplement power to your building. You want your solar panels to be operating at peak performance. In Alberta, we already get sometimes a dismal amount of sunlight. Couple that with dirty or snow covered panels you know you are not getting peak performance. We offer Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning.

For how much you paid for those panels, you are going to want o take care of your investment. Cleaning Solar panels does not including using chemicals and definitely do NOT touch them with a squeegee.

If you are looking at a contractor to come and clean your panels, As them if they are going to get them with High pressure water and a squeegee. If they are, Hang up and do not let them touch your panels.

Most manufacturers will void the warranty if you are using chemicals, High Pressure Water.

You will want to consult with a Professional Cleaning Service to complete the Service on your panels. You could be Generating Up 30% more power after cleaning and snow removal. Contact us for your Solar Panel Cleaning Services.


Tesla Solar Panels and Power Walls

Canadian Solar

Failure to follow these instructions may result in death,
injury or damage to the photovoltaic modules. Damages
induced by inappropriate cleaning procedures will void
Canadian Solar warranty.