Trash Pump, 2 Inch Rental

Centrifugal Trash Pumps pass material such as stones leaves mud and other various solids that can clog other pumps. Should a clog occur, you can easily remove the clean out cover by loosening the hand knobs. Trash pumps move solids approximately half the size of the suction opening. For example a 2 inch trash pump can pass 1 inch spherical solids. The frame increases portability and tool protection.

  1. 2″ Suction and discharge ports
  2. Pump will pass 1″ solids
  3. Flow 158 GPM
  4. Max Suction 26′
  5. Net weight 77 Lbs.
  6. Hoses Not Included
  7. Ideal Uses for general pumping, Dewatering removing clogs and solids from liquids

Pricing Rates From Thorhild

  1. Daily $53
  2. Weekly $173
  3. Monthly $407