Wet Sandblasting (Dustless Sandblasting)

Wet Sandblasting is a new way of blast cleaning that combines the use of water and abrasives. Typical blast abrasive cleaning produces high levels of dust and silica which can result in respiratory conditions. Many old homes and paints may contain lead which when airborne from typical sandblasting can cause lead poisoning. With Wet Blasting, the risk of airborne particulates is almost zero.

Using our wet sandblast method we can remove:

Paint from metal and Masonry

Metal scale



We can remove approximately 1 sq. foot of paint from metal in about 2 minutes with zero dust.

Sand use requirements

It takes approximately 10Lbs of media per Full minute of trigger time.

What would this method be good for?

This method is great for dustless sandblasting. It is ideal for smaller prep areas, surfaces such as fuel tanks and wheels. It is also idea for spot process’ on chassis in preparation for paint or fabrication.

What are the benefits of our wet sandblast method?

  • No Dust
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Mobile utilization. We are able to come to you with our mobile washer and start your project on location.

Cost of wet sandblasting:

We charge $100 per hour plus applicable travel rates as stated on our Contact Us page.

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